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How i can create ows.json file?

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I want to create ows.json file with my data. How i can do that? I don't want to download it.
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asked Mar 24, 2014 by nmishra (120 points)

1 Answer

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The data has a format similar to Twitter with some additional fields. In the interest of time, I recommend that you download the file to look at the data structure.
answered Mar 24, 2014 by shamanth (400 points)
Thanks Shamanth for your reply.
JSON is a data format used by JavaScript.

Just because Windows does not know what to do with a a particular type of file does not mean you have a problem. For example, Microsoft Outlook stores data in .pst files. However, you can't open a .pst file by double-clicking it, and you really wouldn't want to...

Because JSON files consist of textual data, if you wanted you could associate them with a program that opens text files, such as Wordpad. Or you could just leave them as unrecognized, since editing them could render them unusable