TweetXplorer Supplemental Materials


Demo Videos

Hurricane Sandy

Example from the paper.

Earthquake in Turkey

Activity from the earthquake in Van, Turkey.

Additional Views of TweetXplorer

Network Views


Retweet network with user side bar.

Right Pane

When a node is clicked in the retweet network, we see the tweets posted by that user.

Tweet-Centric Networks

Nodes on the retweet network are users, and edges retweet relationships. When a user clicks a tweet in the info pane, the network updates to show the network of that specific tweet.

Map Views


A heatmap of geotagged tweets.

Map Network

When a tweet is selected on the network, the map updates to show where all geotagged retweets originate.

Popup Pane

When a region is selected, a tag cloud shows the most important words in the area.

More Hurricane Sandy Screenshots


Pet Evacuation

One of the prominent tweets in the retweet network is a tweet discussing pet-friendly evacuation centers.

Top Words 1 Day before Landfall

Top keywords in NYC 1 day before landfall.

Top Words 1 Hour before Landfall

Top keywords in NYC 1 hour before landfall.


Debunking Rumor

One tweeter debugging rumor at the onset of the hurricane.

Hospitals without Power

Highly-retweeted tweets contain discussion of hospitals that lost power during the storm.

Top Discussion in NYC

Top keywords in NYC during the storm.

Tweets with Global Attention

Geotagged retweets of hospital power outage.

Flooded Subway Tunnels

Highly-retweeted tweets discussion timelines for subway repair.

Photos from the Ground

Eyewitness photos of damage in NYC tweeted by reliable sources.


Repair Services

Retweets containing locations for repair services.

Discussion after the Storm

Top words in the NYC area.

Collection Parameters

Parameters used to collect the data through TweetTracker.

Parameter Type Parameters
Keywords hurricane, sandy, florida, storm, tropical, frankenstorm, sandyde, evacuation, stormde, dctraffic, mdtraffic, vatraffic, baltraffic,nyctraffic, njsandy, nysandy, ctsandy, dcsandy, desandy, njtraffic, shelter, damage, outage, treedown, outpage, linedown, power, flood, water, surge, tree, #hamptons, #northfork, #nofo
Geoboxes None
User Timelines NHC_Atlantic, twc_hurricane, FEMAregion3, HRD_AOML_NOAA, NHC_Surge, PGCountyOEM, ReadyArlington, dcfireems, wmata, RedCrossNCR, LoudounFire, usNWSgov,DEStormInfo, ccpa_net_dps911, 511PAStatewide, sussex_pio, HoCoGov, ChesterfieldVa, BelAirVolFireCo, AACO_OEM, CecilCountyDES, NEMA_DC, VaDOT, fairfaxctycert, VEMAWeb, CityofVaBeach, DC_HSEMA, HurricaneAlerts, HenricoOEM, thewatchmantwit, thewatchmantwit, CapitalAlert, WTOP, WTOPtraffic,drgridlock, postmetrogirl, DDOTDC, tvnooz, MontgomeryCoMD, CraigatFEMA, fairfaxcounty, DCPoliceDept, NYC_DOT, 1PolicePlaza, VaDOT, nycgov,NYCWater, mayorsCAU, NotifyNYC, HHCnyc, 511NYC, GovernorMarkell, delawareonline, wunderground, breakingstorm, twc_hurricane, Delaware, delaware_gov, njdotcom, TheSJTimes, JSHurricaneNews, starledger, NJNewsCommons, nhregister, DarienTimes, FairfieldSun, HumanityRoad, NYCTrafficCheck, TotalTrafficNYC, 511NY, njtraffic, NJTrafficAlerts, nj1015, MONOCEMS, nyvost